SaaS Solutions

SaaS fits as a vertical or horizontal solution

Health, manufacturing and the financial markets are some of the major industries that are embracing SaaS solutions as the primary IT strategy for growth.

SaaS delivers economy of scale, reduced support, increased uptime, massive scalability and global reach. All key factors required for an enterprise to expand its operation year on year.

ICM has delivered many SaaS solutions to realise value and a sample of these solutions are documented on our Case Study page.

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SaaS in the Cloud

The ultimate in security, scale and performance

The Cloud is the coming of age of the external provision of computer processing power shared across enterprises. SaaS is a Cloud Application as it leverages the cloud to deliver software services shared across organisations .

The cloud delivers processing power and scale elasticity that was simply not accessible to the enterprise previously, and this has redefined how software is developed and delivered to the organisation.

The Cloud has two main forms, Public and Private. The Public cloud delivers on-demand processing power to any organisation willing to pay the admission fee and this has raised security concerns especially within the finance indsutry. The solution to these concerns is the Private cloud, where cloud access is tightly controlled - all organisations are security vetted before deployment onto the cloud and all processing is monitored and secured by the Cloud provider.

ICM SaaS applications run on highly secure Private Clouds and ICM has been providing these platforms to the global financial markets for over 10 years.

Private Cloud SaaS delivers the ultimate in processing power with near unlimited scale locked down tight in a secure sand boxed environment. All this without the enterpsie having to maintain any infrastrcture on its own account. This is the future of sofwtare delivery to the enterprise.

SaaS in the Financial Markets

SaaS take up into the financial markets has been considerable in the last decade. From small funds to large brokerage houses SaaS has released capital and delivered efficiency and scale hitheto unseen at an enterprise level. ICM has been actively delivering SaaS Solutions to the fininancial markets for over 10 years and has a strong pedigree in the Equity Finance, Derivative and OTC processing space.

The lastest ICM SaaS solution in this arena is the build and operate of a large scale global SaaS platform for a UK partner delivering Middle to Back Office processing functionality to the trillion dollar global Hedge-Fund\Prime-Broker space. ICM designed, developed and now currently operates this platform out of the client's data center in London for users in Europe, the US and Asia. A detailed overview of this solution can be found on the Case Study page